Do you want to be offended?

Charlie HebdoThis is fucking disgusting. Just because your religion said to kill someone doesn’t mean you have to actually go and kill him. Plus, I’m sure your prophet Muhammed would be pretty fucking pissed off if you killed someone, regardless of what you did. I’m sorry, but anyone who uses religion as an excuse to murder someone because of their opinion or beliefs should be mocked until their own families can’t take them seriously.

I laugh in your face, Anjem Choudary, and I laugh in the face of all radical Muslims who justify┬ámurder by quoting A STORY. Anyone who condones the French murders should be thrown out of the country, regardless of your political status or beliefs. I don’t care. In Islam Law you might sacrifice your freedom of speech, but in a democratic society such as France or the UK, we do not tolerate it.

By attacking us you bring us together.
By attacking us you make us louder.
By attacking us you free our speech.

/via PinkNews: London Preacher who calls…